1. Orders/dispatch
        • 1. Is there a minimum order value?
          No. There is no minimum order value. Just place an Order for whichever item you like at this e-shop.
        • 2. Is there an order limit?
          No. There is no such limit.
        • 3. Will the products I have selected always be available for delivery?
          Normally, only items that are actually available are displayed in the TOM TAILOR e-shop. Although our product database is updated at very regular intervals, in exceptional cases an item may already be out of stock at the time when you place your order. In cases where several people simultaneously order an item of which only one is available, unfortunately it is not possible to establish whether the desired item can be delivered until after your order has been processed. If an order cannot be carried out due to an item being sold out, we shall inform you of this as soon as possible. In case of reduced items the length of waiting time, before adding the item to your shopping cart and submitting your order, raises the chance that the item will be sold out. As soon as your order is processed in our warehouse, we will send you an e-mail containing definitive and reliable information regarding your order.
        • 4. Will sold-out items become available again at a later date?
          Unfortunately we are unable to provide information on the subsequent availability of individual products.
          Please check the stock overview displayed on the product view pages - as soon as a particular size/colour combination is in stock, this will be shown here immediately.

          It is therefore always worth searching for your chosen item in our e-shop.
        • 5. What is the quickest way to find reduced items?
          Clicking on the "SALE" button, which you can find in the upper navigation bar, will provide you with a complete overview of all reduced items in the TOM TAILOR e-shop.
          Our newsletter also offers information about current reductions. You can subscribe to our newsletter, free of charge and without any obligation, by simply entering your e-mail address in the field provided on the homepage and clicking "Submit".
        • 6. Why do the price reductions offered in the TOM TAILOR e-shop and in the physical TOM TAILOR stores sometimes differ within the same country?
          As a general rule, our products have the same recommended retail prices in the e-shop and in the TOM TAILOR stores. Price reductions may differ because the e-shop and our stores are supplied by different warehouses. In order to ensure these are well-stocked, different price reductions are occasionally applied to some items. The price quoted in the shop/store in question always applies.
        • 7. Changes to prices after orders have been carried out
          The price for an order shall be that quoted at the time it was placed. This means that subsequent price changes in our TOM TAILOR e-shop (regardless of whether these are permanent or temporary reductions, e.g. for sales or discount promotions) have no effect on orders already placed. Please understand that we cannot offer you any price reductions in such cases.
        • 8. Use of vouchers
          There are various types of vouchers which can be used as payment for your orders in the e-shop. There are standard gift vouchers, which you can purchase and redeem in the e-shop at any time, but there are also promotional vouchers, which we issue in the context of marketing campaigns such as competitions, etc. Please note that its is not always possible to redeem all type of vouchers or promotional codes for all items in the e-shop. To find out which vouchers are valid for which items, please refer to the information on the promotion in question. Vouchers are managed in the customer account (see customer account).
        • 9. How can I add an item to my order after it has been placed?
          Unfortunately it is not possible to change or add items to your order after it has been placed. We would therefore ask you to set up a new order.
        • 10. What is the quickest way to find out what
          You can obtain a complete overview of all new items by clicking on the "New to the shop" button in the navigation bar at the top.
          You can also be kept up to date with the latest offers and special highlights by subscribing to our e-mail newsletter, free of charge and without any obligation. To subscribe to the newsletter, simply enter your e-mail address and click "Submit".
        • 11. How can I find TOM TAILOR stockists in my area?
          You can locate your nearest TOM TAILOR store using the StoreFinder. Select the collection you are interested in, enter your postcode in the corresponding field and click on the "Search" button.
        • 12. How can I find the item I am looking for?
          Our various collections are shown in the upper menu bar: WOMEN, MEN, KIDS, Denim Female, Denim Male, Shoes & Accessories, Bed & Bath.
          If you click on one of the categories mentioned, a list of all the product groups in the category will appear. By clicking on the product groups, you will be provided with a complete overview of all available items within the group. From here you can select specific items to open an enlarged view of the item with all the relevant information.
          Please bear in mind that we are unable to offer the entire TOM TAILOR range in our e-shop. If you are unable to find a particular item, colour or size, you can also use the StoreFinder to locate a TOM TAILOR store in your area, where you may be able to find the item you are looking for.
        • 13. How much are the shipping costs?
          Shipping is free-of-cost for Orders worth INR 1000 and above. For Orders worth less than INR 1000, it is INR 50.
        • 14. Where can orders be delivered to?
          We deliver Orders pan India. However, the delivery at your address will be subject to the serveciability of our Shipping Partner at your location.
    1. RETURNS
      • 1. What should I do if I want to exchange or return an item?
        It is unfortunately not possible to directly exchange products for replacement items. However, all items offered in the TOM TAILOR e-shop can be returned within 15 days of receipt, along with a statement of the reason for returning the item. You will have to bear the direct cost of returning the goods.

        If you exercise your right to exchange or return items within this period, the sales contract shall become invalid. To ensure that returns are processed quickly, we request that you always return items to us with their original label and in their original packaging, along with the completed return slip.

        Would you like to return your parcel?

        You can send your parcel to the following address at your own expense:

        Inceptra Retail India Private Limited
        Plot No 312
        Basement and Ground Floor
        Udyog Vihar, Phase 2,
        Gurugram, Haryana
        PIN - 122015

        Parcels without postage cannot be accepted.

        Please note that the delivered items may only be used for the purposes of inspection, comparable with trying on a product in a shop. If the item is impaired as a result of further use, we reserve the right to demand compensation for loss of value.

        We shall refund the amount upon receipt of the item by the way of payment.

        Items requested in exchange must be re-ordered.

        Unfortunately it is not possible to exchange items bought in the TOM TAILOR e-shop at physical retail outlets. Likewise, items purchased from retailers may not be exchanged or returned in the e-shop.
    1. Payment options
      • 1. Which payment options do we offer?
        We accept payments through: Credit Cards, NetBanking and Cash-on-Delivery.
        All major Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card) and NetBanking from major Banks in India are available as payment options. However, the exact list of options are subject to our Payment Gateway processor.
    1. Contact
      • 1. Who can I contact if I have any questions about the TOM TAILOR e-shop?
        For questions regarding our e-shop, our Customer Service team will be happy to help you at any time:

        By e-mail
        E-mail: ttindia@inceptralifestyle.com

        By telephone

        By post
        Inceptra Retail India Private Limited,
        Plot No 312,
        Basement and Ground Floor,
        Udyog Vihar, Phase 2,
        Gurugram, Haryana,
        PIN - 122015

        For questions regarding technical problems with the e-shop, please send an e-mail directly to the following address:
        E-mail: ttindia@inceptralifestyle.com

        Legal information about the e-shop can be found in the legal notice.

        If you have any general questions about the TOM TAILOR company (jobs, press information, etc.), please contact us at the following address: www.tomtailor.in
    1. Personal area
        • 1. How can I register?
          You can set up a customer account in the TOM TAILOR e-shop at any time. You can do this as part of the ordering process or via the menu item "My account", which is available on every page of the e-shop.
        • 2. How can I log in?
          There are two ways of logging in:

          You can log in via the menu item "My account", which is available on every page of the e-shop. You can log in as part of the ordering process, after you have added your items to your shopping cart and clicked on the "Continue to checkout" button.
        • 3. What functions are available in my customer account?
          There are various functions available to you within your customer account. For example, you can review all your orders, arrange for any credit you have accrued to be transferred to your bank account, change your delivery and billing addresses, etc. You can also manage your vouchers and bonus points (see Collectors Club) here.
        • 4. I have forgotten my password. What should I do?
          If you have forgotten your password, you can generate a new password and have it sent to you under MY ACCOUNT. All you have to do is enter the e-mail address you have registered with us under "Forgotten your password?".
        • 5. What is the TOM TAILOR Collectors Club?
          Stay tuned for our TT collector club. We are bringing in some cool stuff here :-)
    1. Technical settings
        • 1. Optimal screen resolution
          To enable you to view the TOM TAILOR e-shop correctly, your screen should be set to a resolution of at least 800 x 600 pixels, with the optimal resolution being 1,024 x 768 pixels.
        • 2. Supported browsers
          To ensure that the TOM TAILOR e-shop is displayed and functions correctly, we recommend that you use one of the modern browsers with their latest versions: Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. For optimum web page viewing, JavaScript should be activated in your browser settings. The "Accept cookies" function must be selected to enable you to add products to your shopping cart.
        • 3. What are cookies? What are they needed for?
          To make it possible to place an order in the TOM TAILOR e-shop, the security settings in your browser must allow so-called cookies to be written on your PC. Cookies are small data files created by our website and stored on your hard drive, making it possible to recognise users when they visit the website again.

          We use cookies to analyse visitor frequency and website use and to carry out evaluations for marketing purposes.

          For all analyses, we only use cookie information which is not linked to personal address data, i.e. which is completely anonymous.

          The use of cookies is standard practice on the Internet and improves convenience for users by making it possible for websites to be adapted to better suit their requirements. The cookies written to your computer by us remain there for an indefinite period and you can delete them at any time.

          You can disable cookies at any time or prevent them from being saved on your computer in the first place by changing the security settings in your browser. Please note, however, that you will therefore no longer able to make purchases in the TOM TAILOR e-shop.
  1. Data protection/data security
      • 1. What do we do to protect your data security?
        Keeping your data secure is extremely important to us. As a customer in the TOM TAILOR e-shop, you can make your purchases without any concerns whatsoever. It is generally possible for you to visit our website without leaving behind any personal data. However, there are certain cases when we need your data:

        - for placing an order
        - for subscribing to the newsletter

        The information you provide about your person or your interests is only used to ensure that we offer you the best possible service that suits your requirements. We use every possible means to protect your personal data:


        Personal data which is made known to us in the course of our business relationship with you, e.g. your name and contact details, is saved and used by us solely for the purpose of fulfilling the contract. We only pass on your data to the delivery company commissioned to carry out the delivery, insofar as this is necessary for the delivery of the items concerned. For processing payments, we pass on your payment data to the bank commissioned with handling the payment in question.

        If, by subscribing to our free newsletter, you have given us consent to use your data for advertising purposes, you may stop any further use of your data for this purpose simply by sending a notification to our Customer Service team (e-mail: service.eu@tom-tailor.com). Once we have received your notification of objection or withdrawal of consent, we shall no longer use or process the data concerned and shall immediately stop any further dispatch of advertising material.
      • 2. How is my personal data protected when I place orders in the e-shop?
        All personal data is encrypted before it leaves your PC and is transmitted on the Internet. To do this, TOM TAILOR uses the "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) transfer system with 256-bit AES encryption, which is widely acknowledged to be secure. Encrypted data relating to your order, your name, your address or your credit card cannot be read by external third parties.
      • 3. Why do I have to provide my telephone number when placing an order?
        We will use your telephone number to contact you if any issues arise concerning your order, so that we can clarify these as quickly and as simply as possible.